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Troy, NY 12180 United States

Our design philosophy is to:

  1. Keep products in motion wherever possible
  2. Design to Simplicity
  3. Remove any return stroke of automation/robotic gripper or transfer head wherever possible
  4. Avoid the use of a high speed single automation/robotic gripper or transfer head
  5. Process a product while in motion wherever possible
  6. If continuous motion will not accommodate a process step use Net Zero Motion
  7. Keep product linked wherever possible to stream into the next workcell
  8. Use continuous flexible buffer to accommodate consecutive workcell timing differences
  9. Only locate high precision actuation where needed.
  10. Flow product in straight line wherever possible

Company Leadership

Steve Derby – Automation Design
30 years RPI Professor – Emeritus
Robot and Automation Design

Gene Eckert – Marketing and Sales Expert
30 years in Automation Sales
Automation visionary

Dave Brown – President
30 years software consultant
Machine Vision and Automation Software