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Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) is pioneering the intelligent movement of people and goods. Gita (“jee-ta”) is the first culmination of this vision. Gita is an intelligent, robotic vehicle that extends a person’s cargo-carrying abilities. PFF envisions a movable future where humans can move better, faster, further, more pleasurably and more efficiently.

Gita is designed and engineered with the same attention to safety, braking, balancing and vehicle dynamics that you would expect of a high-performance motorcycle.

Whether you are a pedestrian lugging a case of wine around the block; an office worker who jogs to work; a delivery person transporting goods; or a utility worker who needs their hands to be free while trailing a toolbox, Gita is your ambulatory helper, letting you walk and run instead of forcing you to drive.

Gita is designed to move at human speed with human agility. It has a zero turning radius and is designed to accompany people at speeds from a crawl, to a walk, to a jog, to riding a bike. It operates inside and out, on sidewalks and streets, just like a person.

Introducing GITA From Piaggio Fast Forward

Piaggio Fast Forward — Autonomy for Humans

Who is Gita for?

Businesses, such as retail delivery, mobile sales and field services, that want lightweight transportation choices and for consumers who value walking, biking and exercise.