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Fremont, CA 94538 USA 47350 Fremont Boulevard

Precise Automation is a global leader in collaborative robot arm and control technology.

Precise Automation’s product line includes collaborative, tabletop robots (SCARA, Cartesian, 6-Axis) and motion controllers. Safe to use without shielding, these collaborative robots can be deployed in environments that couldn’t be automated before.

Their combination of safety, capability, ease-of-use and performance features greatly reduces work cell costs by minimizing floor space requirements, implementation time and cell complexity.

The company delivers cutting edge automation technology and leverages years of experience in software, controls, electronic and mechanical design that assists end users and OEM customers to automate with ease.

PF400, the world’s first collaborative SCARA robot, features unique safety features and controls that is bringing the automation workcell to a new generation of robot users. Their low cost vision-guided motion controllers integrate motor drives in a very compact design that fit inside many robot structures. The controller’s powerful features allow OEM’s to create compact and user friendly systems.

Intrinsically safe, all PF400 forces are limited so that it cannot hurt users or equipment. Due to its revolutionary combination of safety, capabilities and performance, the PF400 is currently being used in environments where automation could never go before.

Adding vision guidance simplifies complex problems in locating and identifying parts and significantly improves process reliability by easily accommodating to dimensional variances.

Company Leadership:

  • Brian Carlisle, President and CEO
  • Bruce Shimano, COO