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Cambridge, MA 02139 USA 727 Massachusetts Ave

R-Storm Technology focuses on developing, designing and producing the technical services of intelligent robots.

The company is considered to be one of the leading robotic designing companies for making different kinds of cleaning robots in North America and China across the globe. They focus on developing, designing and producing the dexterous and intelligent cleaning robot for the high-rising buildings and skyscrapers.

All R-Storm projects are involved with using robots to replace human labors in order to avoid safety and efficiency problems. The company’s current products include an automated climbing robot, an automatic flying robot and a water area cleaning robot.

The company, based on learning advanced technologies, is working towards meeting the demands of the market to autonomously develop intelligent robots for civil uses.  Their robots will be applied to work at high altitudes, solar panel equipment and special environments.

Their cleaning robot achieves a high-quality cleaning thanks to a rotation brush in combination with demineralized water. Its moving system makes it possible for the robot to climb vertically and horizontally on inclined, vertical, or even overhanging glass surfaces. Integrated with path plan algorithm and automatic control systems, the cleaning robot can clean skyscraper windows autonomously and safely.

R-Storm Technology was established on July 2016.