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Pittsburgh, PA 15201

RE2, Inc. (Robotics Engineering Excellence) is a Carnegie Mellon spin-off engaged in developing intelligent modular manipulation systems. It offers RE2 AUTOMATIC for mission-crippling issues; RE2 End-Effector Retrofit Kit, a small robot toolkit with manipulator arm and robotic nursing assistant; RE2 End-Effector Retrofit Kit, a field-upgrade kit that enables users of existing small explosive ordnance disposal robots to exchange end-effector tools on a robot’s manipulator arm; RE2 ForeRunner, a high-speed scouting and inspection UGV that helps users situational awareness; and RE2 JAUS software development kit to enable unmanned systems to become JAUS compliant.

The company also offers joint architecture for unmanned systems, high speed inspection robots with manipulator arms, dexterous manipulation systems, robotic nursing assistants, force protection robotics manipulator arm integration programs, and small robot toolkits. It serves army, navy, air force, government labs, universities, and defense prime contractors, as well as defense, law-enforcement, homeland security, and explosive ordnance disposal markets. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Company Leadership

Jorgen Pedersen, Founder
Reeg Allen, Director, Business Development
Dr. Patrick Rowe, VP R&D
Keith Gunnett, VP Engineering
Douglas Peters, Vice President of Operations