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Founded in February 1985, Robosoft has a long history of designing, assembling, and operating services robots.

The company has developed robotic systems for a wide range of business verticals, focusing mainly on industrial cleaning, security, defense, reduced mobility, and people transportation.

Robosoft is now focusing all its efforts on autonomous vehicles for goods transportation with infrastructure-free logistics and industrial solutions.

Robosoft supplies advanced robotic solutions to reduce costs and improve quality in transport, cleanliness, health and security with mobile robots and the robuBOX, Robosoft’s original embedded control technology.

The company offers cybernetic transport systems, interactive rides, transport of goods, refueling robots, glass-roof and floor cleaning, Packbot EOD, and vehicle robotization solutions.

Robosoft’s main activity, since its creation, is based on contract research, which results in the design and manufacturing of unit production or small batch solutions, sometimes leading to the development of own-brand products.

The company has transported over a million people in its driverless vehicles.

Company Leadership

Vincent Dupourqué, President & CEO