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Gaithersburg, MD 20877 USA 15890 Gaither Drive

Roboteam is a leading global provider of tactical ground robotic systems.

The company manufactures cutting edge, user-oriented, multi-purpose, unmanned ground vehicles and controllers for defense, law enforcement, and public safety missions.

The company’s team of EOD veterans includes dozens of highly experienced engineers that are dedicated to creating units that provide complete operational and tactical control, overall mission management and enhanced force coordination.

The company strives to constantly meet the dynamic needs of Defense, Law Enforcement and Public Safety sectors, and to produce the most intuitive, user-friendly, high-performance robotic systems that can operate within a small logistics footprint. Roboteam’s systems create certainty in unknown environments and enable safe and effective mission success.

Roboteam’s products include:

  • MTGR – the world’s lightest, full-featured, all-terrain tactical ground robot featuring 360° day/night intelligence gathering capabilities.
  • IRIS – an ultra-light, throwable reconnaissance robot for small, confined and dangerous spaces.
  • PROBOT – a heavy-payload tactical robot that can carry up to three times its own weight. With a full payload, PROBOT still exhibits superior indoor and outdoor maneuverability and land speed.

With international headquarters in Israel and the U.S., Roboteam serves a wide spectrum of customers with a variety of life-saving robotic platforms.