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San Francisco, California 94111

Robotics Inventions is a New Product Development company delivering in 6 months preproduction prototypes (including Bill of Material), excelling in autonomous robots, vision systems, the autonomy module RI SPIRIT, the robot swarm control system RI FLEET, innovative user interfaces and various components, having a dedicated production facility, as well as the robotics professional services to outsource customers’ R&D tasks.

Robotics Inventions has been founded by Marek Sadowski after his research in NASA/Ames on the photorealistic VR system to control robots during Mars missions. After obtaining the seed funding from a business angel, Marek expanded company to USA from EU and started to cooperate with Silicon Valley advisors from robotics in retail sector : Bob Christopher/x-Ugobe & Jibo, and military sector: Mark Iwanowski/x-Raytheon & x-Trident Capital.

While working on advanced technologies with significant European Union grants for European Space Agency and military/security industries, and sustaining through the autonomous service, inspection and cleaning robots for several industries Robotics Inventions now is ready to introduce its own home service robot – RI Pi-R-2 – the first LEGO friendly robot vacuum that is controlled in the “Internet of Things” fashion.

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Marek Sadowski – President, CEO
Sebastian Jarocki – Services Director
Marcin Gil – Executive Project Manager

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Marek Sadowski and Bob Christopher with the team of enthusiasts created the LEGO friendly robot vacuum “RI PiR2” that is designed primarily for families with kids. RI Pi-R-2 allows you to control a robot from your iOS/Android/Windows phone or any browser to free more time for your kids.

The basic cleaning platform of “RI Pi-R-2” robot vacuum has been already thoroughly tested by the major European consumer electronics manufacturer for 50% more dust cleaning and managing uneven floors – and it is already licensed for their production in Europe. They certified robot to fight allergy and sanitising floors with UVc lamp during epidemic outbreaks.

Thanks to innovative anti collision technology robot omits all the furniture – and wine glasses – leftovers after the previous night party. Moreover a LEGO FRIENDLY mode makes the LEGOs stay on the kids floors while the dust and germs are being cleaned.

It is easy to extend the RI robot with a spy telepresence camera – there is a “Raspberry Pi” module on board – and and freely roam and spy the apartment from anywhere.

Let the robot clean all rooms – no more eaten LEGOs and no tears- no need additional nanny cams.




Tomasz Marszalek, Marek Sadowski, Hubert Walentynowicz

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Executive Leadership, Investment Capital, Marketing Partners