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Robotiq frees human hands from repetitive tasks.  The company helps manufacturers overcome their workforce challenges by enabling them to install robots on their own. They succeed with Robotiq’s robotic plug + play tools and the support of our automation experts community.

Robotiq is the humans behind the robots: an employee-owned business with a passionate team and an international partner network.

Because Robotiq’s focus is on freeing human hands in the manufacturing world, they’ve worked hard at making their products plug + play with Universal Robots because they understand that manufacturers are looking for automation that is easy to setup, maintain and scale up. Using UR + Robotiq, it’s easy to copy and paste production stations in factories.

For the manufacturer, Robotiq offers a unique mix of products (grippers, force sensor, camera), that can cover a wide range of applications in their factories. They also have a vibrant community of automation professionals who can help with integration projects, along with our their integration coaches and local partners that work with the customers to make sure their robotic project is a success.

Today’s manufacturers understand the need to bring in industrial automation into their production processes. In all countries, it’s becoming difficult to recruit people to do repetitive tasks. On top of that, there is constant pressure to control costs and increase quality and consistency in production.

With collaborative robots, manufacturers can run their production lines longer – even unattended! – and get more revenue out of their existing equipment, thus bringing the cost down and the efficiency up.

Robots are good at repeating the same task again and again, which also plays positively into the quality and consistency of production. At the same time, human are best at adapting.

Because of their ease of use, more people in the factories can program and maintain their UR + Robotiq automation cells. So in the end, manufacturers can create a winning team, leveraging the human adaptability and the robot repeatability.

For a successful first robotic cell, Robotiq recommends manufacturers start small and simple to show the value of the robots. The first automation should be a quick win to help convince everyone of the value of robots on the factory floor.

According to Robotiq, here are a few ways to get inspired:

  • Walk the factory floor and look for processes where the human is adding no value. For example, a very simple task that is done over and over.
  • Working with workplace safety personnel to identify stations where there is higher risk of repetitive stress injury.
  • Talking to human resources team to discuss job openings where there is a challenge in recruitment and retention of employees.

Of course, reading the company’s guide, “Getting Started with Collaborative Robot” will help!

Company Leadership

Samuel Bouchard, President & Co-founder

Jean-Philippe Jobin, CTO & Co-founder