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Robots.IO develops IO – industrial robot simulation software for transferring complex manual processes into simple industrial robot solutions. This is software for the modern world, where fast development, iterative testing and sharing resources with a community of developers and users helps quickly shape ideas into reality.

We know this approach works because we built the software to develop the RoboFold tool-less sheet metal forming process in this way over a period over the last 4 years. We had so many requests to do the same for other companies that we launched Robots.IO. With our small team of developers we focused on usability and an intuitive user interface, so users had an experience that their software “just works”” rather than needing coaxing into action. With a background in design and making, we know that quality tools are what gets results.

The IO plugin has been downloaded 985 times this year, by academics and professionals. As part of our services, we are assisting a number of companies develop novel processes and create their own apps. Our customers range from leading universities and micro-SMEs to Fortune 500 aerospace companies across UK, EU and US.

With over 200,000 robots sold in 2014 with a complete system value of over $9.5bn (IFR) and companies like Universal Robots growing at 100% year-on-year (addressing untapped markets with SMEs), we see upwards of $100m/yr market opportunity for the IO software.

Out team has a background in Design, Architecture, Engineering, Computer Science and Marketing. We are in the process of raising VC finance.