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Since 1993, Roboworld® has been protecting industrial robots operating in extreme manufacturing environments. As the inventor of the Robosuit®, Roboworld knows well the challenges of protecting automation in extreme conditions.

Now, Roboworld® has taken protection one step further by solving an industry-wide problem plaguing the automation segment for as long as teach pendants have been in use. Using a blend of industry insight, engineering expertise and advanced materials knowledge, Roboworld has introduced Pendant Armor® to provide the ultimate protection for teach pendants across the industry.

Pendant Armor® prevents damage to critical HMI hardware by ensconcing it in a protective bumper. By protecting the robotic teach pendant, you maximize automation up time, reduce unplanned maintenance spends, and protect your automation investment.

Pendant Armor® is the first mass produced, shock absorbing, chemical resistant frame designed to protect teach pendants if accidentally dropped. Manufactured from Santoprene™ rubber, this bumper provides protection for the teach pendant if accidentally dropped from heights of up to 1.5m. Santoprene™ is immune to water, most water-based cleaning agents as well as many industrial coolants and cutting fluids.

Each bumper is custom-molded to the pendant’s exterior shape, and features a “stretch-to-fit” installation (akin to a cell phone sleeve). Protective ridges are molded around rotary switches and e-stop buttons—but do not interfere with their operation. Access to deadman switches on the back of the pendant is unencumbered.

Access to (any) USB ports or compact flash drives is also preserved. Each bumper is aggressively textured to maintain positive grip/feel in wet conditions or in the presence of lubricants/coolants. The frame is perforated throughout for weight-savings, and to reduce the surface tension and accumulation of fluids.

They go beyond just protecting the pendant as well. Protective screen overlays, replacement hangers and even cradle products are available.

To date, the company has introduced 6 different bumper products for use with the market’s largest OEM providers.