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450 Geary St., Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94102 U.S.

Rokid Inc.’s award winning artificial intelligence brings personality, emotion, and two-way, human-like communication to your everyday life. Welcome to the truly smarter home.

Rokid Inc. is well-funded startup that was founded in July of 2014. It has offices in San Francisco, Beijing, and Hangzhou, China. Rokid’s products offer innovative, elegant design and cutting-edge technology. Our vision is to bring a home AI to reality.

The company’s 90-person-strong international team features more than 15 Ph.D.s and more than 30 master’s holders. Its staff includes prominent scientists, engineers, and business leaders with expertise in AI, robotics, software, and hardware from global brands including Alibaba, Samsung, Foxconn, Sony, Nokia, and Google.

Rokid is a CES 2016 Innovation Award Winner

Company leadership:

  • Misa Zhu, chairman and founder
  • Dan Wong, CEO
  • Eric Wong, CFO
  • Tami Zhu, general manager, U.S.A.