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Hackettstown, NJ 7828
+1 973.300.5492

Rollon is a manufacturer of linear guides, linear actuators and telescopic linear guides. Rollon helps our customers to be successful in their market. Our customers rely on Rollon to be experts in our technology (linear motion and linear actuators) so that they can be experts in their technology.

Rollon is active in many different industrial market segments including:

  • Aerospace
  • Logistics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Manufacturing Machinery
  • Railway Transportation

Aside from great individual components, Rollon works to combine technologies for our customer’s benefit. Our Actuator product line is a very strong case in point. Rollon actuators are packaged solutions which allow the customer to combine mechanical technologies together, under one part number and bring into one component multiple components which are designed to work together, aligned and ready to install.

The Rollon Motion Box is a further example of this philosophy where the customer can with a very quick decision have a working solution for a very modest investment, but also enjoy a very high load capacity and high specifications with which to work.

Rollon manufactures in New Jersey as well as Germany and Italy in order to be able to efficiently serve our principal major markets.