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Rotacaster develops multidirectional omni wheels that are the alternative to swivel castors used in conveyors, hand trucks, trolleys, dollies, skates, and robotics.

The Rotacaster wheel is an Australian owned, made and patented multi-directional wheel with full 360° mobility. The company has combined the simplicity and functionality of a fixed wheel with the mobility of a swivel caster delivering a wheel that really does move sideways.

D​esigned ​using ​a full polymer injection moulded structure, their wheels provide an impact and corrosion-resistant solution for multi-directional mobility in robotics, automation and conveyor transfers; as well as having the robustness and ride quality to be one of the only commercially available alternatives to the traditional swivel caster.

The unique functionality of our Rotcaster wheel not only enables the transformation of existing products but also opens the door for new product design.

For example, the company’s Rotatruck (enabled by the Rotacaster wheel) provides easier, faster and safer material handling. Rotatruck increases productivity by 21% and at the same time reducing bending by 89%.

The current approach to Cobot, AGVs and Service Robots is limited to 2 degrees of mobility – forward and reverse movement. The company’s Rotacaster Omniwheel provides a single robust and smooth ride-quality solution to drive 360° fluid mobility.

Built with the durability and ride quality of an industrial floor wheel, the multi-directional Rotacaster is a high performance robotic wheel. Its unique construction makes it the toughest, smoothest and fastest robotic wheel on the market with a choice of polyurethane or Santoprene rollers for outstanding durability and traction.