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Mountain House, CA 95391 U.S. 491 N. Orinda Ct.
(408) 417-0336

Rozum Robotics is an ambitious young company that takes a new look on human-robot interaction and aims to make robots an everyday thing just like smartphones or office printers.

Rozum Robotics designs and manufactures PULSE, the first collaborative robot that reports straight to your wrist.

  • No. of Employees: 12
  • Target Market: Manufacturing, research, aviation, medical
  • Product: PULSE + PULSE DESK
  • Previous Investors: Viktar Khamianok
  • Contact: Viktar Khamianok

PULSE redefines portable control for robots and makes it possible for just one person to control any number of robots in different locations, even in different places on Earth.

PULSE is a new-generation, Industry 4.0-ready robotic arm powered by PULSE DESK software. The arm itself is a collaborative robot built with all the latest technology to demonstrate superior working performance:

  • ultra lightweight (only 8 kg)
  • strong and dexterous (6 degrees of freedom, 3 kg payload, 700 mm reach)
  • precise (+/- 0.1 mm repeatability)
  • fast (30+ rpm nominal speed)

PULSE robot is programmed and operated with PULSE DESK — a unique software ecosystem that integrates with your enterprise management tools and offers you the smartest, simplest, and most convenient way to control the arm, its working environment, and necessary supplies. This can ensure faster returns on investment and create more added value.

Altogether, PULSE arm and its software is a new approach to further integrating robots into production and everyday life, making them more intelligent, habitual to humans, and so much easier to control.