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Sadako Technologies has developed artificial intelligence technology applied to the waste sector.

The company specializes in the development of latest-generation technologies in the areas of computer vision and deep learning to recognize valuable material in the waste flow. This enables the following:

  1. The sorting of valuable material through robotics. Sadako’s AI technology powers the “Max-AI Autonomous Quality Control” robot that BHS and NRT have jointly developed. This system is able to make multiple sorting decisions autonomously with solid urban waste material, even over performing human capabilities. More information about Max-AI technology can be found here:
  2. The monitoring of valuable material in real time for optimization of mechanical biological treatment plants (MBT), thanks EU Horizon 2020 funding of the RUBSEE project.

Sadako Technologies allows waste treatment plants to increase valuable material recovery ratios in a cost-efficient way, preventing recyclables from ending up burned in incinerators or buried in landfills and thus avoiding huge economical and environment damages.

Beyond waste sector, we are also available for tailored suit projects involving Artificial Intelligence and Computer vision for recognition and manipulation of complex objects in real non-controlled environments.

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Belén Garnica, Co-Founder and Business Developer

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Nowadays, a very important part of the valuable material (high value plastic, steel, bricks, etc) present in solid waste generated in cities and villages is sent to landfills or incinerators. This is because present technology makes uneconomical, in most of cases, the complete recovery of this material.

But in a context of resource scarcity and in an environmental threatened planet, society cannot afford this material losses, and needs to work towards a more circular economy.

It’s an old problem that needs innovative solutions.

Waste treatment plants are not able to sort and recover all the valuable waste materials they process. Current technology and processes result in low recovery rates and that means losses that can reach some thousands of plastic tones and around 2 million euros/ plant/year in a typical European Waste Treatment Plant. Moreover, government regulation (specially in European Union) is increasing its exigency, pressing to boost plastics and other materials recuperation rates and promoting a more circular economy, but current technologies and manual work are not good enough to meet that requirements cost-efficiently.

Spanish startup Sadako is working hard to reverse this situation using the latest technology in the fields of robotics and computer vision. We propose several solutions that complement present technology and human practices at waste treatment plants, and allow plant operators to maximize recovery percentages.


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