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1122 E. Pike St., No. 1132, Seattle, WA 98122 U.S.
(856) 887-3926

Sewbo is an early-stage startup developing industrial automation tools for clothing factories.

Despite being widely adopted in other manufacturing systems, industrial robots have failed to find a place in garment factories. For this reason, the apparel assembly process has been basically unchanged since the invention of the sewing machine, and the $1 trillion industry is still totally dependent on manual labor, leading to countless headaches across the supply chain.

  • Year Established: 2015
  • of Employees: 1
  • Target Market: Apparel manufacturers
  • Product: Sewbo robot sewing machine
  • Previous Investors: F&F, angels (including David S. Rose)
  • Contact: Jonathan Zornow

Automation has failed to find a place in garment factories due to robots’ difficulties handling limp textiles. Sewbo’s process avoids these issues by treating the fabrics with a water-soluble thermoplastic, turning the formerly flexible fabrics into rigid composite materials.

Other attempts to automate sewing have tried to counter the complexities of limp textiles with equality complicated technologies. Sewbo‘s simple approach is much more straightforward, allowing us to use off-the-shelf robotics. Even at its current nascent stage, this approach looks more promising than any previous attempts. The proof-of-concept for Sewbo‘s technology produced the world’s first robotically-sewn garment — a simple T-shirt, but an important milestone for the industry.