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Simbe Robotics builds automation solutions for the retail industry. Simbe is backed by leading hardware investors Lemnos Labs and SOSV.

Introduced in November 2015, Tally is the world’s first fully autonomous shelf auditing and analytics solution. The solution consists of one or more mobile robots that can autonomously traverse large brick and mortar retail environments to capture, report, and analyze the state and availability of merchandise.

Tally provides retailers with unprecedented information and insight into the state of their inventory, which can be used to streamline store performance, maximize customer satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce operational expenditures.

With Tally, retailers benefit from:

  • High-accuracy inventory count of front facing items
  • Out-of-stock and low stock detection
  • Identification of misplaced items
  • Identification of incorrectly facing or oriented items
  • Product price tag validation
  • Third-party supplier compliance and vendor management

Tally operates safely during normal store hours alongside shoppers and employees.

Tally stands 38 inches tall, with an adjustable and modular mast of sensors, weighs 30 lbs. and can be easily moved to a docking location within a retail store’s floor plan. Tally integrates into retailers’ existing IT systems and is built upon the open source Robot Operating System (ROS).

Global retailers lose nearly $450 billion annually as a result of out-of-stock items, empty shelves, and other in-store inconsistencies. Tally has the ability to audit shelves more cheaply, frequently, and significantly faster than existing processes, and with near-perfect accuracy.

While retailers can easily record inventory that arrives at their store and have a good handle on items at point-of-sale, everything in between is often a mystery. This data gap has a huge impact on revenue and the customer experience.

Retailers are getting information about the state of their shelves once a week at best and in some cases only once a month. And by the time they receive that information and want to make decisions, the data is outdated.

Furthermore, the process for collecting that data is laborious and time-consuming for employees. Inventory that takes a week for humans to scan can take Tally merely an hour.

The bottom line: Tally helps retailers recapture revenue, provide a better shopping experience and ensure that their employees can focus on customer service.