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Palo Alto, California 94303

Suitable Technologies is a startup building remote presence technology. Suitable’s first product, Beam, was launched in 2012, after years of research and development, with the goal of being the premier remote presence offering on the market.

Suitable is focused on providing an immersive and natural user experience for both remote and local people.

Suitable say of its product: “Beam began as a solution to our own frustrations with remote work. Despite the variety of existing technologies like email, chat, and videoconferencing, we found that our remote team members felt isolated, things got lost in translation, and calling multiple meetings for daily work was disruptive. Then it hit us: What if our distributed team could just be together?

“Collaboration would be so much easier, and our team would be much more efficient and culturally cohesive. We thought, surely if we felt this pain, others were feeling it, too. Inspired, we imagined what effortless remote presence would look like, and set to work creating it.”

Thanks to a 17-inch screen and a six-microphone array, I can be seen and heard face-to-face. I can even use my keypad to “walk” around the room to interact with other people—without undergoing a cross-country plane ride.

Beam was originally developed by San Francisco Bay Area robotics studio Willow Garage. Impressed by its growing potential, founder Scott Hassan spun off an entire new company, Suitable Technologies, exclusively to focus on Beam.

A year later, as Willow Garage’s other projects seem to be foundering, Hassan has retained a significant number of Willow Garage employees to work on Beam.

Company Leadership

Scott Hassan, President / CEO
Bo Preising, VP, Engineering
Josh Tyler, Director, Software Engineering
Milan Bhalala, Director, Operations