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Wilmington, MA 01887 USA 200 Research Drive

Symbotic® has developed proprietary and innovative robotics and software to deliver an advanced automation solution to make the supply chain faster, more efficient and more profitable for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of all sizes. 

Symbotic is a leading supplier of warehousing automation, with systems deployed across major grocery, retail and general merchandise warehouses in North America. Services offered range from integrated supply chain consulting to implementing fully-automated picking systems with progressive financial models.

As a system provider, Symbotic develops modular and proprietary autonomous robotics and software based solutions to reinvent distribution centers.

The Symbotic System scales within existing warehouses to exceed distribution demands and product flow. The interchangeable modular design allows combinations of semi-automated and fully-automated solutions that give customers savings from manufacturer to store shelf.

At the core of the Symbotic System is software that synchronizes with any existing warehouse management system. The result is an automated materials handling and storage solution that is fast and affordable to setup, inexpensive to operate and flexible to change.

Symbotic offers a new way that transform the economics of the supply network. Their groundbreaking approach to automation allows our customers to build more flexible and scalable solutions that is unmatched in the industry. All of this translates into the ability to efficiently store and deliver more product and dramatically increase overall warehouse throughput while enabling unique benefits at the delivery point.

How do they do it? Symbotic has developed a no-touch handling system that employs many small, agile robots that travel incredibly fast while storing and retrieving any product at any time. They are considered the gentlest handlers in the industry and can deliver products to stores for efficient and easy distribution.

Symbotic pairs advanced robotics with proprietary software to achieve optimal results for warehouse material flow. Their interchangeable modules allow options for semi-automated and automated depalletizing and palletizing.