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Blacksburg, VA 24060 United States

TORC Technologies Inc. provides engineering and information technology services. The company’s services include computer development, logistics, modeling and simulation, program support, software development, systems engineering, technology development and prototyping, and test and evaluation.

TORC changes the way mobile robotic systems are designed, integrated, tested and deployed by empowering engineers with a suite of modular, customizable products. TORC’s Robotic Building Blocks product line is used by academic, commercial and government organizations to shorten the development process, lower costs and mitigate risks. TORC provides products and custom solutions for drive-by-wire conversion, emergency stop, power management, autonomous navigation and operator control. Technical Capabilities Description: robotics; unmanned vehicles; autonomous vehicles; autonomous navigation; drive by wire conversion; military robotics; robotic controls

Company Leadership

Michael Fleming, Founder and CEO
Andrew Culhane, Manager of Business Development