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SME Soben developed a multitude of new technological bricks for automotive and aerospace manufacturers. In 2016, Soben was elected the most innovative supplier of the year by Airbus Group. This winter, after three years of development, Tessa Worley has won the World Cup and the Crystal Globe in Super Giant thanks to new Soben ski.

TwinswHeel is a spinoff of SME Soben that develops droids for last-mile delivery. TwinswHeel is a droid for enclosed site logistics like factories and offices, as well as last-kilometer delivery droid in smart cities for e-commerce and convenient stores. We sell the droids to companies that will exploit them.

Aftersales business, batteries rent, maintenance and software update will represent then 20% of the initial price per year. With the droids, we also deliver systems of supervision and fleet management for their exploitation that permits to manage the big data.

  • Year Established: 2005
  • No. of Employees: 14
  • Target Market: Mechatronic system auto/plane/sport/military
  • Product: TwinswHeel Droid
  • Previous Investors: Last Mile Delivery
  • Contact: Vincent Talon

TwinswHeel in Paris

Logistics applications

TwinswHeel is expert in logistics droid development with a large range of application:

A. Our droids are used by industrial company such as car, train, and aeronautical manufacturers or energy producers. Droids permit to end users to be freer in their displacement by carrying heavy loads for them. Droids work in 3 modes:

  1. Collaborative mode, where the droid follows the person
  2. Remote control mode — can be used by disabled person that works in logistic area
  3. Full autonomous mode

Our first droids are used in such enclosed sites by our customers: Renault (Franch manufacturing), Siemens (Belgian office for mail delivery), SNCF (French maintenance center for electric machine) and Nissan (California office for food delivery).

B. We plan also to use droids in semi-open sites such as large hostel, hospitals and commercial centers. In that last case, we work with a future big mall close to Geneva and Paris, where our TwinswHeel should be the future Caddy. Shoppers will be followed by the droid to all shops and will be escorted to their car or until in front of their house if they return by walk or bicycle.

At the same time, we work with a builder to implement our droid in future private districts of Paris. In that use case, droids will work for a concierge. All day, the concierge can pick up all inhabitants parcels, and the evening droids will dispatch to inhabitants their goods.

C. We work with La Poste to deploy droids for last-mile delivery in a future smart city. At first, droids will be used in collaborative mode, which means they will follow the postman during his shift. Then, step by step, the droids should be able to deliver in full autonomous mode all parcels.

Honors and differentiators

TwinswHeel was elected in top five robotics companies at CES 2017. It was nominated in the top three of the last Innorobo in Paris. The company was also winner of Club Demeter innovative challenge (French Association for green and sustainable logistics, including Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Picard, Coca Cola, Danone, and Nestlé).

TwinswHeel in Lyon, France

Our droid is extremely agile thanks to its architecture with two big wheels. In the new versions, its exterior and behavioral patterns are designed to elicit a very high level of empathy. The delivery robot’s new style makes it acceptable by the greatest number and helps to overcome resistances to robots.

Our droid embeds many innovations, allowing it to climb curbs up to 20 cm. It has many sensors that can be used to return through the cloud valuable information to customers such as air quality.