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ULC Robotics Inc., a leading developer of innovative technologies and processes for the energy and utility industries, is transforming the way vital energy infrastructure is maintained and operated by making robotic systems business-as-usual. 

In 2016, ULC Robotics’ innovative systems continued to positively impact the energy and utility industry across the United States and the United Kingdom. CISBOT – the cast iron joint sealing robot – continued to renew the aging energy infrastructure and prevent harmful methane emissions for gas utilities including SGN, National Grid US, Baltimore Gas, and PSE&G.

Following a three-year research and development project, the CIRRIS XI™ and CIRRIS XR™ Robotic System was completed, and the CIRRIS XI™ Inspection Robot was put into commercial use to take the first-ever pipe wall sensor readings from inside a live, cast iron gas main.

This newly acquired sensor data provides quantitative asset condition information and is now helping gas networks in the UK calculate pipeline risk to improve the way pipeline rehabilitation, and replacement decisions are made while delivering social, environmental and cost benefits to gas customers.

Also in 2016, ULC introduced their Aerial Services division to conduct specialized UAV inspections of utility infrastructure and vegetation near electric lines. They work with electric utilities to revolutionize the inspection process and identify innovative ways to utilize UAV technology within the electric industry.

The company boasts an experienced team of engineers, machinists, and operations crews who understand the real-world conditions where their technology and processes can be applied; ensuring the solutions we develop will make significant advances in the field while increasing safety and productivity, and reducing environmental impact.

Research and development teams work to increase efficiency, lower maintenance and operating costs and improve safety through the use of trenchless technology, no-dig technology and no-hole technology. They have created custom inspection equipment, advanced electromechanical systems and updated processes.

ULC Robotics helps gas and electric utilities, and the broader energy industry, confront the increasing need to repair and maintain their pipelines and infrastructure while causing less disruption to the public, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing safety and reducing overall costs.

By addressing challenges through research, development, and deployment of innovative robotic systems and techniques, ULC is actively helping the utility and energy industry maintain, inspect and repair their utility infrastructure. This approach allows for more opportunities to put innovative products and services to use – further advancing infrastructure improvement.

Company Leadership

Gregory Penza, President

Graeme Cleeton, VP of UK Operations