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Universal Robotics Inc., which formed a new company Universal Logic in 2017, was founded as a holding company in 2001. Universal Logic has created an unparalleled software platform for intelligent flexible automation, providing solutions for materials handling, logistics & industrial markets.

The formation of Universal Logic better reflects the company’s focus on general purpose artificial intelligence solutions. Universal Robotics remains the system integrator of the organization.

Neocortex machine learning works with more than just robots. It is capable of controlling any actuated machine. The nine-year-old parent company was the first to use 3D industrial vision commercially, the first to demonstrate real-time reactive control of an industrial robot, and the first to synthesize vision, robot actuation, and artificial intelligence for industrial purposes.

All three Neocortex G2R Cells pick items from bins, totes, conveyors or pallets, and place them into shipping boxes, bags, or machine fixtures. The Cells can read barcodes, identify labels, or take measurements. The medium-sized Cell uses a Yaskawa Motoman six-axis robot, and typically picks 600 – 700 items per hour. The new small Cell increases average robot speed by 15%. The new large Neocortex G2R Cell increases maximum item or box weight to 46 pounds.

Neocortex is an artificial intelligence software that serves as the intelligence for various machines, including industrial robots, forklifts, mining equipment, and autonomous vehicles.

Neocortex G2R Family Performance and Price
The Neocortex Small G2R Cell handles 700 – 800 items per hour (peaks to 25 per minute) that weigh up to 15 lbs. The starting price is $120,000 and 5-year lease is $2, 875 per month. The Neocortex Medium G2R Cell handles 600 – 700 items per hour (peaks to 27 per minute) that weigh up to 22 lbs. The starting price is $125,000 and 5-year lease is $2975 per month. The Neocortex Large G2R Cell handles 500 – 600 items per hour (peaks to 22 per minute) that weigh up to 46 lbs.

Prices are for a complete robotic work cell. This includes: a six-axis robot with controller, pendant, multi-function gripper, Neocortex® artificial intelligence software, Spatial Vision® software platform, sensors, safety barriers, PLC interface, HMI screen, frame with forklift slots, electrical and controls panel, onsite installation in North America, operator training, five-year remote diagnostic service with an additional $400/month software warranty, and one-year warranty on all hardware. Optional equipment and custom integration are available.

Spatial Vision is a 3D vision calibration software tool, and Spatial Vision Robotics is a 3D vision guidance software tool that locates 3D objects in 3D space for real-time guidance of Motoman robots. Sensor Servoing is motion-control software for moving a robot at high speed using various sensor inputs that provides real-time autonomous reaction for robots, as well as motion planning and collision avoidance capabilities.

Universal provides supply chains with complete automated material handling systems for high-mix/high-volume applications.  Systems integrate artificial intelligence with vision, grasping, and motion control giving machines human-like flexibility at high speed. Neocortex artificial intelligence technology was invented for NASA twelve years ago and developed for industrial use by Universal starting in 2008.

Company Leadership

  • David Peters, Founder and CEO
  • Jon Peters, Co-founder and Director of Information Technology
  • Alan Peters, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
  • Hob Wubbena, VP of Planning and Marketing
  • Eric Riseman, VP of Sales