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Cambridge, MA 02140

Vecna Robotics develops IT, telepresence, and robotics solutions across a number of industries. The company’s mission is to empower humanity through transformative technology.

The company offers customer service portal solutions, customer/patient self-service interactive kiosks, infectious disease surveillance and management applications, and mobile health IT infrastructure for disaster and disease management. Cambridge, Mass.-based Vecna also offers a dynamic resource management platform, time and attendance and workforce management systems, and health and wellness solutions. In addition, the company provides enterprise architecture and interoperability consulting services, business process re-engineering services, and automation optimization services for governments.

Vecna’s robotic offerings include autonomous mobile robots, built to function within human-centric environments such as warehouses. Their autonomous robotic material handling solutions include case picking, each picking, goods-to-person, person-to-goods, and robot-conveyor hybrid systems.

These robots can handle up to 3200 lb. and can safely operate alongside people and in dynamic environments. Vecna’s autonomous robots take on logistics tasks in healthcare, fulfillment, manufacturing, warehousing, hospitality, and beyond.

With Vecna’s VGo robotic solutions for the healthcare, education and business, an individual’s presence is replicated in a distant location such that they can see, be seen, hear, be heard, and move around in any remote facility.

This solution enables healthcare providers to deliver lower cost services and improved quality of care, businesses to increase productivity of remote employees, and home-bound students to attend school.

The company was originally founded providing consulting and systems integration services to the U.S. Military Health System and Department of Veterans Affairs.

It also provides robotic solutions for soldier assistance in logistics, sentry and rescue duties, hazardous environment activities, and chemical and biological threat detection and surveillance. Their patient self-service solutions and robotics logistics solutions aim to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Vecna has offices in Greenbelt, Md.; Falls Church, Va.; Cambridge, Mass.; and Silicon Valley, California.

In 2011, the Small Business Association honored Vecna with the Tibbett’s Award for bringing innovative technologies to market.

Company Leadership

  • Deborah N. Theobald, co-founder and executive director
  • Daniel A. Theobald, co-founder and chief technology officer
  • Bill Donnell, vice president of government business development
  • Michael Bearman, vice president of contract execution
  • Ed Keisling, vice president for implementation and support
  • Judy Dumont, vice president of professional services