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Vecna's Autonomous Pallet Truck traveling alongside a human co-worker.


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36 Cambridgepark Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140

Vecna Robotics delivers automated material handling, hybrid fulfillment, and workflow optimization solutions featuring self-driving vehicles operated by a learning autonomy stack. Its solutions deliver value to customers in the distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors.

Vecna’s technology goes beyond traditional automation and focuses on maximizing human and robot capability to create fulfilling jobs, increase productivity, and encourage innovation.

Vecna’s systems transform materials handling equipment into value-generating, intelligent, connected self-driving vehicles. Its Autonomy Stack houses:

  • An array of multi-modal sensors fused together for high confidence navigation
  • Topological reasoning to find the best way to complete the mission at hand
  • True autonomy through the local coordinated decision-making to ensure work gets done even when the unexpected occurs
  • Simple user interfaces for quick training, integration, and easy access to information to keep your team aware of everything that is happening within the operation

Vecna’s solutions are always improving and adapting with the world around them. They foster better workflows and increase the capabilities of entire operations – humans and machines – by offering more than just robots. Vecna stands apart with:

  • is the world’s first multi-agent AI based orchestration engine. It dynamically coordinates all available resources and distributes tasks based on capabilities, location, and availability. It couples with WMS and MES systems and ensures that every player on the team is optimally performing in real time.


  • Beacon is the engine behind continual performance improvement. This service merges software updates, data analytics, neural networks, and Vecna’s 24/7 remote operations center.

Dynamic envelope protection

  • Vecna vehicles are architected with an aerospace-grade, multi-level safety system and are ANSI B65.5-compliant. They are equipped with 360-degree sensor protection and adjust speeds based on environmental conditions and load capacity to deliver maximum throughput without sacrificing safety.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Vecna Robotics is privately funded and has filed more than 125 patents and invested more than $50 million in robotics research and development. The company is also a founding member of MassRobotics.

Founded on the guiding principle of “Better Technology, Better World,” Vecna Robotics is dedicated to corporate citizenship and has donated more than 180,000 hours of community service. Its employees are encouraged to devote up to 10% of their paid work time to supporting community service missions.

In 2011, the Small Business Association honored Vecna with the Tibbett’s Award for bringing innovative technologies to market.

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