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Mountain View, California 94043 United States

Verb Surgical Inc. is a new medical device company that is creating robotic-assisted surgical products.Verb Surgical was founded with technology, expertise, and funding from Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences) and Ethicon, a medical device company in the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.

Verb Surgical will continue in partnership with Verily and Johnson & Johnson (Google and Johnson & Johnson Team for Robotic Surgery) to advance the surgical tools and capabilities available to surgeons and OR professionals today. The company’s products will integrate Verily’s expertise in computer science, advanced imaging and analytics coupled with Johnson & Johnson’s (Ethicon) family of products into products that surgeons will use to operate on patients globally.

Verb’s robot will be about 20 percent the size, allow the surgeon to work closer to the patient and likely be considerably less expensive than current systems, which can cost $2 million or more, according to Gary Pruden, global chairman of J&J’s medical devices group.

Company Leadership

Scott Huennekens, President & CEO
Pablo E. Garcia Kilroy, VP of Research and Technology
Dave Scott, VP of Engineering and Product Development