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Nashua, NH 3062

The company was founded in 2007 by experienced and successful veterans of visual communications and robotics industries.

Based in Nashua, NH, VGo leveraged the recent trends of widespread wireless high speed networks, lower specialized component costs and the universal acceptance of video as a communications medium to invent a new class of solution that is friendly, simple, secure and affordable. VGo delivered their first solution in 2011.

In healthcare, doctors and nurses are using VGo to extend their reach to monitor and consult with patients in the hospital, skilled nursing facility and in the home. Family members are also using VGo to visit loved ones when they can’t be there in person. Patient satisfaction and the standard of care are increased while re-admissions are decreased.

In education, home and hospital bound students are using VGo to go to school just as if they were there in person. They go from class to class and hang out with their friends between classes. The school doesn’t have to provide any assistance and it’s less expensive than providing an in-home tutor.

In business, remote and disabled workers are using VGo to go into the office and “be” with the team. Travelling managers are using VGo to check in and busy executives can establish their presence in remote offices more frequently without travelling.

Company Leadership

Peter N. Vicars, President & CEO
Grinnell More, Chief Robotics Officer & Co-Founder
Tom Ryden, Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder