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Pleasanton, CA 94566 United States

Virtual Incision Corporation is a privately-held medical device company focused on developing an advanced, miniaturized robot for general surgery abdominal procedures, such as colon resections.

The company is the pioneer of in vivo mini-robot surgery, enabling minimally-invasive colon resection and other abdominal procedures.

VIC’s simpler/easier/cheaper approach is to insert a mini-robot into the insufflated abdomen via a small umbilical incision, after which the highly-dextrous robot arms are freely manipulated at the nearby surgeon console.

The company’s technology is designed to utilize existing tools and techniques familiar to surgeons, and does not require a dedicated operating room or specialized infrastructure. Because of its much smaller size, the robot is expected to be significantly less expensive than existing robotic alternatives for laparoscopic surgery.

Propelled by the knowledge that colorectal and lower gastrointestinal procedures are the fastest growing in the United States, Dr. Dmitry Oleynikov and Dr. Shane Farritor founded Virtual Incision in 2006.

The company is a spin-out of the University of Nebraska, where Dr. Dmitry Oleynikov and Dr. Shane Farritor are currently based. John Murphy joined Virtual Incision in 2012 and is based in Pleasanton, California.

Company Leadership

John P. Murphy, Chief Executive Officer
Shane M. Farritor, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Dmitry Oleynikov, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer