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9 Webb Drive, Suite 3
Merrimack, N.H. 03054
(603) 288-1605

Waypoint Robotics lives and breathes its mantra of “Workforce first,” which means that empathy with the end user is the starting point for design and engineering decisions. That approach has led to the development of easy-to-use, fully autonomous, industrial-strength mobile robots, which can be set up and used by the current workforce that is on the job today.

Ease of use at this level is unprecedented, and Waypoint says it’s its key differentiator. Waypoint’s autonomous robots provide a foundation of technical excellence that makes it possible to excel in the user experience (UX) space. Waypoint is committed to creating a simpler and better total user experience for the workforce.

The company claims that it is doing for robotics what Apple did for MP3 players. Ease of use and accessibility are the next frontier in robotics, and Waypoint says it’s driving deeper and faster into that frontier than any other mobile robotics company on the market.