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4545 Roosevelt Way N.E., Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98105-4721 U.S.

WiBotic Inc.’s wireless power solutions enable fast and fully autonomous charging of mobile, aerial, and aquatic robots.  Wireless charging hardware eliminates the need for power cords, mechanical contacts, or battery swapping and allows charging in any environment.

Embedded power management software maximizes the safety and lifespan of every charged battery while providing visibility and control over power management for entire robot fleets.

  • Year Established: 2014
  • No. of Employees: 11
  • Target Market: Mobile Robot manufacturers and end users, aerial robotics, aquatic Robotics
  • Previous Investors: Tsing Capital, Comet Labs, Digi Labs, Wisemont Capital, WRF Capital, W Fund
  • Contact: Matt Carlson, vice president of business development

Hardware and software for wireless charging

WiBotic’s solution consists of both hardware and software. Key hardware components include the following:

  1. The wireless power transmitter circuit
  2. Transmitter antenna
  3. Receiver antenna
  4. Receiver circuit/charger

WiBotic dev kit

Transmitter components are typically installed in wall- or floor-mounted charging stations, while compact and lightweight receiver components reside on the robot. Together, these components provide rapid recharging of robot batteries through the air, without the need for physical contact.

WiBotic software allows configuration for any type of battery and provides critical battery performance and health metrics to keep battery costs low while maximizing robot uptime.