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Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 U.S. 2800 Woodlawn Drive

The World Drone Academy works with robotics companies across regions.

The World Drone Academy is a full-service sales and consulting firm in the field of applied robotics. It represents some of the world’s leading robotics companies and engages with clients though its network of sales associates.

Partnering with hardware and software providers across domains, the World Drone Academy is able to support clients through a holistic, full-scope solution.

Our turnkey network of skilled and knowledgeable sales associates supports manufacturers and robotics providers. This allows lead-generation and sales processes to be outsourced to a professional organization skilled in systems integration.

In partnering with the value-added reselller, your organization can quickly and easily make physical sales calls and product demonstrations utilizing our widely distributed network.

Our core competency is in sales and communicating the value propositions of applied robotics. We fulfill our mission through training and education.