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Yamaha Motor Company is manufactures and sells motorcycles, automotive engine, and transportation equipment. It operates through various segments including motorcycles, marine products, power products, industrial machinery and robots, and others.

Founded in 1955, Yamaha Motor Co is the parent company of Yamaha Motor Corporation USA.

Their product offerings include motorcycles,  motorized bicycles, boats, sail boats, utility boats, fishing boats, outboard motors, 4-wheel ATVs, recreational off-road vehicles, go-kart engines, golf carts, multi-purpose engines, electrical generators, water pumps, snowmobiles, automobile engines, surface mounters, intelligent machinery, industrial-use unmanned helicopters, electrical power units for wheelchairs and helmets.

The Industrial Machinery and Robots segment provides electric actuators that include stepping motor single axis robots, single axis robots, linear motor single axis robots, cartesian robots, SCARA robots, controllers, pick & place robots, clean robots, robot with vision processing function, and electric grippers.

Yamaha’s industrial machinery division was established in 1981. The company focused their efforts on robotic development when robotics was introduced into their motorcycle production line. Today, their robots support a range of production facilities in various industries such as assembling consumer electric appliances, transporting car-mounted parts and producing large liquid crystal panels.

Yamaha’s autonomous motorcycle-riding robot, Motobot, is in line with the company’s goal of improving performance in Yamaha bikes, and furthering the development of AI robots.

Founded in 1977, Yamaha Motor Corporation USA manufactures motorized products for customers in the United States and internationally. In 2015, the US subsidiary launched Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV).

The goal of YMVSV is to “accelerate the efforts of teams driving disruptive change”. They focus their investment efforts in automation and connectivity, unmanned systems, internet of things (IoT), precision agriculture, robotics and industrial automation, personal mobility and electric vehicles, life sciences, among others.