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ZenRobotics Ltd. is the leading supplier of robotic waste-separation technology. ZenRobotics Recycler is the first robotic system for efficient waste separation, sorting chosen fractions from solid waste. Designed to increase efficiency and lower the cost of waste separation, ZenRobotics Recycler defines next-generation recycling.

Company Leadership

Timo Taalas, CEO

Ditty Damstrom, Head of Finance

Harri Holopainen, Head of Technology

Juha Koivisto, Head of Delivery

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[email protected]

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Problem Your Company/Products Solve

ZenRobotics wants to help solving the global waste problem with intelligent robotics.

Globally about 11 billion tons of solid waste is generated each year. Ca. 30% of this is construction and demolition waste. There are no efficient means of recycling the valuable raw materials from this waste. The existing technologies are mainly mechanical processes not producing high quality outputs. Manual labour is used for sorting despite serious health and safety issues.

ZenRobotics Recycler will transform the recycling industry by providing a fully automated robotics solution. With advanced material recognition, adaptive picking and high speed real time robotics the ZenRobotics Recycler recovers the raw materials in the waste stream efficiently.

The customer, waste management company, will get significant financial benefits: the recycling rate will be higher resulting increased income from recyclables, less waste to landfill resulting savings in landfill charges and tax, savings in labour cost as manual sorting is no longer needed.


Invus Group, Finnvera, Lifeline Ventures


Solid waste, construction and demolition, commercial and industrial waste

Company Needs

Components Providers, Investment Capital, Marketing Partners

Zen Robotics Sorting Station