August 31, 2015      
Join us: Thursday., Sept. 17 at 11AM EST
3way speakers

This webcast will examine how 3D printing accelerates productivity and dramatically reduces time and costs as an integral part of manufacturing workflows.

We will discuss the rapid transformation of 3D printing from a prototyping tool to a production tool making real parts for real applications.

Stratasys, long a leader in prototype manufacturing, is now making major inroads into part and component production, helping customers to realize substantial increases in productivity.

We will speak with Peter Sander ? Head of Emerging Technologies & Concepts, Airbus Operations, Hamburg GmbH ? who also established the 3D Printing Airbus Innovation Cell. Airbus recently fabricated and installed 1,000 plastic and metal 3D printed parts on the Airbus 350 AWB.

Joining the conversation will be Dan Yalon, Executive VP, Business Development, Marketing & Vertical Solutions at Stratasys.

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