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November 22, 2017      

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Robots that need to work with objects designed for human hands or to operate alongside human co-workers must be well-designed. At RoboBusiness 2017 here earlier this fall, Schunk GmbH was among the exhibitors. In the brief video below, see some of the German company’s wares, such as collaborative grippers.

Ingo Ruppert, senior regional sales manager at Schunk, explains to Robotics Business Review‘s Jim Wagner why his company’s high-end manipulation systems are useful for certain tasks.

Ruppert shows some of Schunk’s collaborative grippers, as well as “the future of gripping,” a five-fingered hand with 20 motions, nine motors built into it, and capable of replicating the motions of a human hand.

Schunk is an RBR50 company for 2017. It is known as the premier maker of gripping end effectors, suitable for materials handling and conveyance, says Ruppert.

Collaborative grippers are hot

“The buzzwords at the moment are always ‘collaborative gripping,'” he adds. “We are one of the only ones who have collaborative grippers that would be certified to go on an end-of-arm tool or a collaborative robot.”

Schunk also makes the Powerball Lightweight Arm LWA 4P.

While much of the attention around cobots focuses on the makers of robotic arms that are designed to be safer to operate around people, the end effectors and payloads should be at least as important for robotics end users.

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