May 05, 2017      

Precision motion-control technology expert Cone Drive Operations Inc. this week said it is thrilled to further expand the reach of its new Harmonic Solutions ® product range into the Asia market at the Shanghai International Modern Industrial Intelligent Equipment Exhibition (SIA) in May 2017. The Traverse City, Mich.-based company had successful commercial launches in the U.S. at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in September 2016 and Europe at Motek in October 2016.

Having achieved global recognition for this innovative product range in the US and Europe, Cone Drive said it is prepared to enter the market in Asia, which represents 85% of the global harmonic market. The high-quality engineering and manufacturing standards of Cone Drive’s Harmonic Solutions are ready to meet this market’s demands by providing engineered solutions for applications in robotics, aerospace, metrology, defense, medical, machine tooling industries, and more.

“H-Fang is pleased to support Cone Drive in launching Harmonic Solutions into the Asia market,” said Carter Wu, Managing Director of China based manufacturer H-Fang, which Cone Drive acquired in 2014. “Cone Drive has established itself as a global technology leader for custom-engineered precision motion-control solutions, and the new Harmonic Solutions product range is a further testament to their world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities.”

“We look forward to expanding our precision motion-control product portfolio with Harmonic Solutions and developing opportunities within these new industries,” Wu said.

Harmonic Solutions key to precision, growth

The Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions product range, which includes compact, lightweight, high-ratio, single-stage, in-line components and gearheads, is designed to be highly accurate and torque dense to exceed the most demanding robotic and motion-control applications. Manufactured to the highest standards of precision and quality, Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions offer exactly what you’d expect from a global leader in precision motion control technology, said the company.

Harmonic Gear from Cone Drive

“The continued expansion of Cone Drive’s precision motion-control portfolio with our new Harmonic Solutions product suite is a key strategy of our growth plan,” said Kurt Gamelin, CEO. “Harnessing the commercial, engineering, and operational excellence at our H-Fang business in China gives us the ability to locally address markets in Asia with this exciting new product line.”

“As we see continued strong growth in the Asia markets, Cone Drive is well positioned to serve our customers with the latest in precision motion-control technology,” he added.

According to the company, key features of Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions include:

  • High efficiency
  • Smooth operation
  • Low/zero backlash
  • High tortional stiffness

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(Editor’s note: Cone Drive was an exhibitor at last year’s RoboBusiness conference in San Jose, Calif.)