May 30, 2017      

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Cone Drive, a global leader in precision motion-control technology, expanded its global footprint in early 2016 by establishing a sales office in Europe. The move has proven to be a resounding success with exceptionally strong interest in the company’s precision motion-control and power-transmission solutions.

Cone Drive appointed Mike Page, an industry veteran offering 25 years of experience in the industrial mechanical and power transmission industry, as director of European sales. He has focused his attention on the European manufacturing community, resulting in mounting growth opportunities for the business.

Cone Drive slewing gear

Cone Drive slewing gear

“Cone Drive, the global precision motion-control experts, has brought together an impressive package of precision motion-control and high torque dense power-transmission solutions for the European market,” Page said. “From our proprietary double-enveloping worm gear-driven Servo Speed Reducers [see photo above], our H-Fang Slew Bearings and Drives, to our latest range of Harmonic Solutions, we are able to support precise positional accuracy and higher torque demands where performance in a quiet, compact package is required.”

By increasing its dedication to the European market, Cone Drive has been able to provide customers with superior performance and service supported by partnerships with numerous European distributors. To learn more about the company’s product portfolio, contact Mike Page at +44 7599 516240 or [email protected].

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About Cone Drive

Cone Drive is the world leader in precision motion-control and torque dense power-transmission technologies providing the highest levels of positional accuracy, shock load capacity, and torque density in the industry. With a reputation for superior quality and performance, the company’s precision motion-control product portfolio includes servo right angle, stainless steel, harmonic, inline, and slewing solutions. For additional information, please visit