December 10, 2013      

FANUC announced the consolidation of its North and South American branches into one company, FANUC America Corp.

With a combined annual sales of over $1 billion, FANUC America has 22 locations on both continents, with headquarters in Rochester Hills, Mich.

“The merger of the FANUC companies in the Americas better enables us to accomplish our mission of increasing the competitiveness of North and South American manufacturers by creating opportunities for them to maximize their efficiency, reliability, quality, and profitability,” Rich Schneider, president and CEO of the new company, said in a statement.

FANUC America’s offices include 12 locations in the U.S., 2 in Canada, and 5 in South America. FANUC Corporation is a global robotics, CNC systems and factory automation provider, headquartered in Japan.

To learn more about FANUC, see its RBR50 page.