May 18, 2017      

FAULHABER has expanded its range of drives in the medium power range with the new 1727 DC motor, adding an extremely compact drive to the CXR series.

A powerful neodymium magnet gives the graphite?commutated motor a high power density with a continuous torque of 4.9 mNm. It generates this power in a housing that is just 17 mm in diameter and 27 mm in length. The temperature range in which it can be used is from ?30 to +100°C.

The CXR series includes small DC motors with an extremely attractive price/performance ratio, said the company. As with the other drives of this series, the 1727 CXR can be combined with encoders and with precision gear heads from a coordinated product range.

In addition, the 1727 DC motor can be optionally actuated with the SC 1801 speed controller or the MCDC 3002 motion controller for speed control or positioning.

1727 DC motor suitable for medical devices, robots


The compact dimensions of the 1727 CXR and its performance data open up a wide range of potential applications. The motor is ideal for hand instruments in dental technology, for tattooing machines, or as a high?performance servo drive in automation and robotics.

Datasheet PDF downloads, and 3D CAD downloads are available. Clearwater, Fla.-based MICROMO is a part of the FAULHABER Group.

To learn more about incorporating this motor into an application or device, please contact MICROMO today and speak with an engineer.

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