September 23, 2017      

Terrence Southern is the lead global robotics and automation engineer for GE Global Research. Southern leads the Robotics & Automation project strategies across the GE business portfolio, which includes research, system & application development, testing and manufacturing system project management & installation for the robotics and autonomous systems market.

At RoboBusiness, Southern will be speaking on the keynote panel, “Mastering Robotics and AI With Power Users.”

What got you interested in robotics and artificial intelligence, and how is it connected to what you’re now doing?

Robotics and AI is a field I discovered during my senior year in college while interning for General Motors which also shaped the direction for my senior project to develop a voice activated robot. Since that time it has been my passion to deliver innovative robotics applications and technology for various fortune 100 companies.

Today, I specialize in Robotics Automation and Artificial Intelligence while merging the technologies for research and development, increase production, quality and safety.

Terrence Southern discusses the autonomous systems market and RoboBusinessWhich emerging technology or application excites you the most?

I am most excited and interested in the development of the Digital Identity technologies such as Deep Learning, Biometrics, Blockchain and IoT.

What are the biggest barriers to continued growth of the autonomous systems market?

In my opinion, the biggest barriers for continued growth of the autonomous systems market are within the development & control of standards, policy and ethics for artificial intelligence for the systems.

Where do you expect robotics and AI use to grow the most in the next five years, and why?

I expect the most growth to occur in the process automation machine learning. This is a game changer! Eventually the machine will know more about the operation workflow than any individual in the facility without creating a paper trail while continuously monitoring and learning beyond imaginable measures.

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What do you think your session offers to the robotics developer and end-user community?

The session will offer a more in-depth discussions regarding evolving solutions related to machine learning and expanding the intelligence of many robotics solutions.

What are you most looking forward to about being at RoboBusiness?

I am looking forward to learning, networking and enjoying the environment of being in the room with several other experts in the field of robotics & AI. Furthermore, I am excited about the various start-up companies that will be displaying their innovation.