October 27, 2017      

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — At our 13th annual RoboBusiness conference here last month, exhibitors included robotics startups as well as established players. Investors, suppliers, and end users gathered to discuss the latest industry drivers and trends, all of which could be observed in Silicon Valley.

In the brief video interview below, Robotics Business Review‘s Jim Wagner chats with Nicolas De Keijser, new markets and application manager at ABB Group.

Zurich-based ABB has a presence in Silicon Valley, says De Keijser, who adds that he has seen all the industry drivers that could affect automation in the region, as well as worldwide.

Industry drivers line up across sectors

Such industry drivers include labor shortages, technical advancements, entrepreneurs willing to take risks, and an appreciation by end users of how robotics can help their businesses.

De Keijser notes that the two-armed YuMi collaborative robot on display at RoboBusiness 2017 is just part of ABB’s full portfolio. In California, there is a lot of interest in robots that can assemble electronics, he says.

Although ABB has traditionally supported automotive manufacturing, the robot maker has seen growing interest across fields, including the medical, food packaging, and consumer goods verticals, De Keijser says.

“We see that they are growing because of enabling technologies,” he explains, referring to sensors, motors, manipulators, software, and artificial intelligence.

“They’re deploying more automation because it’s becoming easier to use and more cost-efficient,” says De Keijser. The robotics industry should continue to grow because all industry drivers are pointing in the same direction.

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