August 23, 2017      

Press Release: BARCELONA, Spain — Ingenia’s Triton Servo Drive is an ultra-light and ultra-compact solution designed to be integrated in a motherboard or backplane as a component. The Triton drive is the result of a collaboration by Ingenia Motion Control with several robotics companies. Triton provides top performance, advanced networking, and built-in safety, as well as a fully featured motion controller. The Triton can control multiple motor types and supports almost any feedback sensor including absolute serial encoders.

Ingenia Motion Control makes custom drives and offers standard products.

Housed in open-frame, IC brick-style packages, Triton “Socket Servo” drives are fully programmable motion controllers and offer a wide output power range of 9 V to 48 V. Triton is an ultra-compact solution, measuring 43mm x 45mm. It can control multiple motor types and supports almost any feedback sensor, including absolute serial encoders.

The Triton Socket Servo IC brick drives come in 1 amp, 4 amp and 7 amp continuous current ratings and are capable of providing the nominal current from -25 °C to 85 °C with a 1.2 °C/W heat sink attached by means of a low thermal resistance interface material. “Socket Servo” drives offer 96% at the rated power and current.

The Triton Series IC open brick drives may be controlled by USB, CANOpen, EtherCAT, RS485 full-duplex (compatible with RS-422), embedded EEPROM memory using macro programs, PWM, step & direction, digital I/O or analog signals of 0-5V or +/- 10 V signals.

Triton Servo Drive useful in drones

Triton Socket Servo IC brick drives are the “drive of choice” for low inductance motors — especially those used in drones. The standard 20 KHz PWM switching frequency can be change to the optional 80 KHz PWM frequency by updating a single register to reduce or eliminate the need for external inductors depending upon the motor time constant.

Triton Servo Drive is provided with several general purpose inputs and outputs designed for 3.3 V TTL logic. By using these inputs and outputs it is possible to implement alarm signals, connect digital sensors, and activate external devices (such as LEDs, actuators, and solenoids). Some of the digital and analog inputs can also be used as command/target sources.

Most of our customers have great engineering and programming skills. This is why we decided to provide them with a complete set of libraries to enable them to create their own applications fitted to their needs with our MCLIB C++ software library. MCLIB is C++ library designed to be compatible with Windows and Unix systems. This allows you to create applications for mobile systems like iOS or a small master controller with Raspberry Pi.

  • Windows- and Unix-compatible
  • .Net wrapper
  • Easy class structure
  • Compatible with CANopen or Serial

Ingenia Motion Control also provides ARDULIB to put the future of motion-control technology in the hands of young learners. We have developed a simplified library to introduce students into the motion-control world.

About Ingenia Motion Control

Ingenia Motion Control provides state-of-the-art motion control technology that can be tailored to the specific needs of each application. No matter the volume. No matter the complexity. Ingenia is a custom drives company offering standard products to a wide variety of applications in robotics from the International Space Station to the depths of Earth’s oceans.

To learn more, visit TRITON DRIVES or call 800-200-6963 x110.

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