Robotics Software Gets New Versions at Automatica 2018

Hypertherm announced a new version of Robotmaster at Automatica 2018.

May 18, 2015      

Jabez Technologies has begun shipping v6.2 of its Robotmaster design software, first unveiled at last September’s International Manufacturing Technology Show.

The entire workflow has been redesigned so that the process of programming industrial robots can be three to 10 times faster than with previous versions, said Jabez in a press release.

Robotmaster v6.2 is intended to improve productivity by making programming easier and less iterative. It includes a feature that allows simulations to synchronize any CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) path modifications. This allows users to visually check for errors and collisions before running a full simulation. As a result, they can reduce errors and downtime.

Robotmaster v6.2 is supposedly easier to use.

“The functionality of Robotmaster continues to expand at a rapid pace,” said Chahe Bakmazjian, president of Jabez Technologies. “With this latest version, we are once again building on the capabilities of Robotmaster, while at the same time incorporating many new features requested by our fast-growing customer base.”

The software is targeted at industrial manufacturing companies of all sizes and in various industries, including aerospace, healthcare, military, and transportation. The new version also adds substantial features for automating the entire welding process.

Robotmaster could be particularly useful for the automotive industry, where it can enable rapid prototyping and a faster return on investment. “With a 3-D model, the robot trajectory is optimized to produce a precise and error-free robot program,” said Carlos Marcovici, Robotmaster distributor for Brazil, in the company’s blog.

Montreal-based Jabez now has more than 1,000 installations of Robotmaster worldwide. Pricing is dependent on the number of licenses, applications, and customizations.

The company said that several of the core enhancements to Version 6.2 will been used to power “groundbreaking functionality” for Robotmaster v7, which will be released early in 2016.

Jabez was founded in 1996 as a provider of customer software programming tools for CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools. Since 2001, it has focused on CAD/CAM software for programming six-axis industrial robots and high-mix, low-batch parts production.

The company brought Robotmaster to market in 2002. Jabez was the winner of the Game Changer Award for Motion Control at RoboBusiness 2013 for Robotmaster Version 6.

Jabez previously entered into a deal with CSF Robotics in Melbourne, Australia, to supply Robotmaster software and equipment to users of integrated robotics manufacturing cells across the Asia-Pacific region.

“One of the reasons we developed Robotmaster was to provide robot integrators easy programming tools, required for short-batch manufacturing, helping them to enter into these emerging markets,” said Bakmazjian.