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May 08, 2019      

TOKYO – Mitsubishi Electro Corp. this week announced it has taken an equity stake in Boston-based Realtime Robotics, which develops and commercializes motion-planning technologies for industrial robots and autonomous vehicles. Details of the investment were not disclosed.

The company said the funding is expected to “accelerate the development of industrial robot systems offering enhanced safety and performance.” Realtime Robotics motion path planning helps a robot to calculate and determine the optimized path that a robot should take to reach a goal without colliding with any obstacle, in real time.

Realtime’s Autonomous Vehicle Risk-Aware Motion Planning from Realtime Robotics, Inc. on Vimeo.

“Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric expects to launch new industrial robot systems that integrate Realtime Robotics’ motion-planning technologies by 2020,” the company said in its announcement. The company said it would continue to collaborate with other companies to “further enhance its smart-manufacturing solutions with innovative technologies.”

Mitsubishi’s MELFA series of industrial robot systems deploy a high-speed, high-accuracy pick-and-p[lace control solutions based on vision capability, force sensors, and its MAISART (Mitsubishi Electric’s AI State of the ART in Technology) artificial intelligence technology. The company said it develops the systems to address a declining and aging workforce and increasing labor costs in several markets worldwide.