May 07, 2014      

RBR50 company Rethink Robotics is having a busy spring.

After recently expanding its executive team, the Boston-based company has released new software that doubles the speed of the industrial version of its Baxter robot.

The software update, called Intera 2.1, allows for more swiftly and accurately handling items, including lifting them from a swiftly moving conveyer belt. The company says Baxter is now twice as fast and easier to use and more ?trainable? because of “motion preset,” which permits adjustment of precision and speed settings. Watch the video below of Baxter’s new capabilities.

Rethink Robotics also recently launched a new software update called SKD 1.0 for the Baxter Research Robot to allow for accessing Baxter’s computer processing unit remotely. The company says this will help academics plus corporations with research and development laboratories.

Demonstrations of Baxter are set for today in Troy, Mich., in the Midwest?s traditional home of manufacturing; North Carolina State University in Raleigh on May 21; in Irvine, Calif., on May 21; and at ATX East in New York City, June 10-12.

Rethink says the commercial version of Baxter increases worker productivity by tackling tasks not previously able to be automated before in an economic manner, which in turn helps USA-based firms compete with off-shore manufacturers who rely on low-cost labor.

All Rethink Robotics products are designed and manufactured in America, with components from suppliers in over a dozen states – and with robot assembly taking place near its Boston base.