August 19, 2011      

Ohio-based robot company and Motoman Solution Provider, RobotWorx, has announced its intention to promote dual arm robot sales. The integrator plans to educate customers about the unique capabilities of this relatively new design, and offer accessible, reconditioned models for integration into assembly and handling cells.

“All too often, dual-arm robots suffer from typecasting. They’re fun and human-like. You see them at tradeshows playing blackjack or pouring drinks,” RobotWorx President Jarrod Bichon said. “It’s time for companies to start understanding the incredible potential of dual-arm robots in real life industrial applications.”

Motoman Robotics, the primary manufacturer of industrial dual-arm robots, has perfected the design. Motoman dual-arm robots have evolved from the DA series, to the DIA series, and most recently the SDA (Slim, Dual-Arm) robot series.

Motoman SDA robots feature 15 axes of movement, seven in each arm and one in the slender base. Extremely robust, the SDA robots are capable of high-speed execution of a wide variety of applications including assembly, packing, and tending. Dual-arm robot design provides unique capabilities because the arms can be programmed to work separately or collaboratively.

As a Motoman Solution Provider, RobotWorx is able to support and integrate any dual-arm robot, whether it is a new or gently used model. RobotWorx currently has a reconditioned Motoman DIA10 robot in the shop. This forerunner of the new SDA10 is flexible, quick, and perhaps most importantly, low cost. Bichon hopes to bring dual arm robot technology to more users by offering more reconditioned dual-arm models like the DIA10.

“At RobotWorx we want to open up opportunities for companies that might not otherwise even consider this type of new technology,” Bichon said. “Dual-arm robots don’t have to be remain out of reach.”

SOURCE: RobotWorx