September 11, 2016      

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Scaling Cobots: From One to Many; and Now…Apps!

When the handwriting on the wall becomes reality

If you’ve had your head down at the turret lathe machine for too long, better look up soon because the great robot takeover is underway. Robots, especially collaborative robots (cobots), are populating factories and manufacturing lines faster than anyone thought they could or would.

The great robot takeover is that moment in our burgeoning new industrial era when the arrival of collaborative robots in factories are not just events that happen in the pages of Assembly magazine or at that smokestack place across town. The great robot takeover is happening everywhere. The takeover is in full swing as factory jobs like machine tending or buffing furniture or all the countless mind-numbing toil begin to fall into the willing hands of a robot.

I’ll take two, maybe more

The great robot takeover is ramping up and gaining impetus as manufacturers begin to scale up their operations and workflows from one to many cobots. And factory managers are thinking first about using a robot instead of a human for their next manufacturing project.

Suddenly sales of cobots are beginning to make the revenue leap from millions of dollars to tens of millions of dollars. Cobots have proven their merit on the job, have demonstrated themselves as being very easy to operate, have been accepted by their human workmates, and have realized the promise of fast ROI.

Apps descend

And lo and behold is that an app industry on the rise for these cobots? Yes, indeed. Universal Roobts’ +YOU app development program is the next big step in customizing cobots for a wider variety of specialized tasks.

Please join us on Thursday, September 22 for Scaling Cobots: From One to Many; and Now…Apps!, a webcast that takes a close look at the new phenomena

Joining the program’s host Tom Green will be two companies at the forefront of making the most of the cobot movement: Universal Robots (that just about single-handedly created the cobot phenomenon) and Robotiq, the end-of-arm tooling maker, that’s pushing the boundaries of what kinds of tasks a cobot can and can’t do. …Turns out, not many. See for yourself during this fascinating look at the future of manufacturing.

Join us for our webcast as we ask Universal Robots and Robotiq, what’s up with cobots?

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Scaling Cobots: From One to Many; and Now…Apps!