February 20, 2014      

Our sincere thanks to the many members, enthusiasts and technologists who submitted nominations for this year’s RBR50 list. Your contributions were generous and your comments weighted by our RBR50 council as over 1500 companies were narrowed down to the top 50.

The spectrum of companies that comprise 2014’s RBR50 is indicative of the industries where we’ve seen significant growth over the last year, and points to tectonic shifts in the kinds of robots being developed for those markets.

This sampling of international innovators includes large conglomerates as well as diminutive startups from 13 countries around the world. They have been labeled key movers and shakers based on their innovation, commercial success and/or commercial potential and ability to enable game-changing applications.

Here’s a breakdown of where these companies exhibit the most traction:

  • 46% build robots with mobility
  • 30% serve industrial end users
  • 22% serve the medical & assistive technologies market
  • 16% develop robotics software
  • 14% build and service UAVs
  • 12% serve the household & consumer market
  • 8% serve the military & defense industry

Collectively, their core technologies signify several robotics trends:

  • Evolution from developing advanced mobile or manipulation platforms to niche products with combined mobility and dual-arm manipulation
  • Continued transition from rigid industrial systems to those with program flexibility and built-in advanced sensing capabilities
  • Growth of applications in the professional service robotics sector
  • Commercial potential for unmanned aerial technologies
  • Continued international push for defense industry unmanned systems development (especially long range)
  • More emphasis on low-cost systems developed to work alongside people

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This list now reflects 2016 RBR50 companies]

The RBR50 list is meant to be a tool for you, our readers, to compare and contrast technologies in important robotics markets as well as keep an eye on current and future trends and investment opportunities.

Without going from company website to website to search out product information and breaking news, the RBR50 neatly collocates essential company information as well as media coverage, financial reports and videos in a single place. Visitors highly enjoy its convenience and ease of use.

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