8 Must-Watch Video Interviews From ProMat and Automate
April 23, 2019      

At the ProMat and Automate trade shows earlier this month, we had the opportunity to meet with many robotics companies showing new products and services, and several of them returned the favor to us by speaking with us at our RBR Studio video booth at the show.

We’ve compiled eight interviews with robot industry leaders from Staübli, Seegrid, RightHand Robotics, Fetch Robotics, PINC, IAM Robotics, Vecna Robotics, and Interact Analysis, to get their perspective on the manufacturing and supply chain space and how they relate to robotics and automation.

As you watch the videos, some consistent themes emerge about the state of the industry:

  • Most felt that there wasn’t as much that was “new” at the show, but rather that robots and companies at the show were more mature. There was less “tire kicking” and more conversations around deployments and how they could help businesses.
  • Attendees and robot companies were discussing their application and process problems and how robotics could solve them, rather than just looking at the shiny new robots themselves.
  • Most were also impressed with the sheer size and scope of the shows and the increasing number of robotics companies attending the two events.

Here are the video interviews we conducted:

Melonee Wise, Fetch Robotics

The CEO of Fetch Robotics talked about her impressions of the show, and the changes she’s noticed in questions from attendees.

Daniel Theobald, Vecna Robotics

The co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Vecna Robotics spoke with us about industry collaboration and how they are meeting customers’ needs.

Leif Jentoft, RightHand Robotics

The co-founder at RightHand Robotics chats with us about advances in pick-and-place robots, their philosophy of collaborating with partners, and his definition of the 3 Rs.

Joel Reed, IAM Robotics

The CEO of IAM Robotics stopped by to discuss their new Bolt robot and redesigned Swift mobile manipulator system, and how robot companies are collaborating.

Matt Yearling, PINC

The CEO of PINC chatted with us about its aerial robots and how they can help companies tackle the growing inventory management problem.

Jeff Christensen, Seegrid

The vice president of products at Seegrid talked with us about the company’s legacy (16 years in the autonomous vehicle space), advances in robotic lift trucks, and the Pittsburgh robot scene.

Sebastian Schmitt, Staübli North America

The robotics division manager at Staübli North America talked about the company’s new cobots, and the trend of robots working more together than ever before.

Ash Sharma, Interact Analysis

One of the speakers at the CRO Summit at ProMat, the managing director at Interact Analysis gave us his take on the show and the overall trends within the mobile robotics and supply chain space.