infographic industrial internet of things IIoT

July 04, 2019      

Ever since the world started hearing about the Internet-connected refrigerator (by the way, we still don’t own one), the rush to give every “thing” a connection to the “Internet” created the world of the “Internet of Things.” This innocuous term has morphed and changed and consumed other markets, and now we have things like the “Industrial Internet of Things”, or IIoT, which is relevant to the world of manufacturing, supply chain, and industrial applications.

Sensors, devices and other things have already invaded the world, and there’s even more coming. To give you a starting point and primer around IoT, we’ve enlisted the folks at SafeAtLast to build this handy infographic providing more than 80 different IoT statistics and facts. Enjoy!

IoT infographic 80 stats IoT

Source: SafeAtLast